Enhancing Natural Beauty

The Russian Lip technique is the latest in lip enhancement – from Russia with love!


It produces a contemporary voluminous look by placing extra volume in the lip body without creating an unbalanced side profile. This technique everts the lip and creates an open, more full appearance.

Who does it work best for?

  • Patients who want a voluminous look to their lips
  • Patients with a good lip body and defined borders
  • Patients who have a small amount of soft filler or no filler in their lips.
    • If the patient’s lips are filled, we will need to dissolve the filler so we can achieve the desired result (fullness without over projection).

The Technique

The technique involves placing tiny droplets of filler injected vertically into the lip. This technique widens, lifts and opens the lip body without compromising projection.


  • Russian Lips (1ml) - $650


Russian Lips Sydney
Russian Lips Sydney
Russian Lips Sydney