Double Chins can now be effectively treated without surgery thanks to ‘Submental fullness’ injections which can permanently reshape/redefine your jawline to improve your facial appearance.


Although individual treatments and results vary, numerous clinical studies show that 75 percent of clients are highly satisfied with their results whether their double chin was caused by ageing, genetics or weight gain.


So how do Sub Mental Fullness injections work?

The subcutaneous injections contain deoxycholic acid, naturally found in the human body’s digestive tract, to break down and absorb the fat cells in the injected area.


Within 28 days, this adipocytolysis (irreversible cell breakdown) causes fibroblast cells to begin producing new collagen inside the subcutaneous tissue and rebuilding a defined jawline.


The treatment is performed gradually over 4-6 sessions with results normally becoming visible after 3 or 4 sessions.


Although the double chin reduction treatment can be uncomfortable, we believe the results are worth it as over 10 studies in the last 10 years have proven the results are permanent.

  • Double Chin Reduction Treatment $1250 Per Treatment