Zo Skin Health Peels

Zo Skin’s safe and effective peels are designed to support and improve your skin’s natural functioning.

There is a peel to suit every skin type and issue. 

The Stimulation Peel – This ‘no downtime’ lunchtime peel improves the skin’s overall tone and texture with a trio of alpha-hydroxy acids (citric, glycolic and lactic). 

The Ultra Hydration Peel – Hydrates, restores and calms dry and dehydrated skin (includes Stimulation Peel).

The Skin Brightening Peel – Improves skin tone by reducing pigmentation (includes Stimulation Peel).

Acne & Oil Control Peel – Reduces bacteria and congestion to clear skin (includes Stimulation Peel).

Sensitive Skin Resurfacing Invisapeel –  Gently exfoliates skin to revive dull-appearance, minimise discolouration and replenish  moisture.


Hand (and Feet) Renewal Peel – Revives skin that looks dull and feels rough (includes Stimulation Peel).


  • Zo Skin Health Stimulation Peel $200 (60 Min)
  • Zo Skin Health Ultra Hydration Peel $250 (60 Min)
  • Zo Skin Health Skin Brightening Peel $250 (60 Min)
  • Zo Skin Health Acne + Oil Control Peel $250 (60 Min)
  • Zo Skin Health Sensitive Skin Resurfacing Invisapeel $250 (60 Min)
  • Zo Skin Health Hand Renewal Peel $150 (60 Min)

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