TGA Updates – Anti-Wrinkle, Injectables, & Other Promotional Language to Change for Cosmetic Clinics

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia has implemented significant changes to the advertising guidelines for cosmetic injectables. These changes, which came into effect recently, prohibit the use of general terms such as ‘anti-wrinkle injections’ and ‘dermal fillers’ in advertising materials. The rationale behind this decision is to avoid references to prescription-only products within advertisements, aiming for a more transparent and ethical marketing approach in the cosmetic industry.  A largely good thing!

Big changes generally means a stack of confusion for clients and clinicians alike, so bear with us as all clinics adapt to the new regulations and language, whilst we do our best to ensure we’re both compliant and focused on making it as easy as possible for you to navigate treatments,

Here’s what we know so far.


Instead of the banned general terms, the TGA advises clinics and advertisers to use alternative phrases that do not directly refer to prescription medicines, such as “our clinic can provide consultations on reducing the appearance of wrinkles.” This move is part of the TGA’s effort to ensure the consistent application of legislation related to the advertising of therapeutic goods across all industry sectors. It’s highlighted that advertising which suggests the use of a Schedule 4 substance or a product containing that substance, even in general terms, would almost always be considered unlawful


The TGA’s updated guidelines underscore the principle that decisions involving prescription medicines should be made by a healthcare professional or clinician, in consultation with individual patients, without being influenced by advertising. This adjustment is not just about terminology but emphasises the importance of direct and responsible communication between healthcare providers and patients.

This will likely mean that when booking online, we will have an option for you to book either a consultation, or select a more broad treatment category.  This won’t mean extra steps for you to book, simple a change in the terminology using our online booking system.

What's Next?

Further guidance from the TGA, including revised advertising guidelines and educational webinars, are currently ongoing. At Amirova we’re committed to being compliant and will always put the needs of our clients first.  That’s why we have been ensuring our attendance at these webinars.

The TGA also underscores its commitment to monitoring and enforcing these new advertising standards, which form part of its broader regulatory efforts to ensure safety and compliance within the wellness and beauty industries​​​​.

These changes signify a notable shift in the regulatory landscape for cosmetic injectables in Australia, reflecting a broader trend towards more regulated and patient-centric approaches in the cosmetic surgery sector.

We’ll do our outmost to keep you informed as we find out more.

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