Skin: The Ultimate Multitasker of the Human Body

Your skin is the window to your body that reveals the stories of your life. From acne breakouts during your teenage years, to the radiant glow of pregnancy and the sunspots of ageing, both your age and your health are reflected in your skin.

Skin has many functions, making it the ultimate multitasker of the human body. It’s most important role is being the first line of defence between our bodies and the outside world: protecting us from bacteria, viruses, pollution and chemical substances that we encounter in the workplace and at home.

Skin regulates body temperature, maintains fluid balance, and controls moisture loss. It also acts as a barrier and shock absorber, recognizes pain sensations to alert us to danger, and protects us against the sun’s harmful UV.

Many factors impact your skin; genetics, ageing, hormones, and conditions such as diabetes are internal factors that affect the skin. Some of these you cannot influence, but there are many external factors that you can.

External influencers such as unprotected sun exposure, over cleansing, or bathing in water that is too hot can damage skin. An unhealthy diet, stress, a lack of sleep, not enough exercise, dehydration, smoking, and particular medications can all impact the skin’s ability to operate as an effective protective barrier. Hence, looking after your skin and giving it the care it deserves should be a priority in one’s life.

Some easy habits to incorporate to look after your skin:

  • Mindfulness: to help address stress induced skin conditions
  • Get plenty of rest: 8 hours to allow your skin time to rejuvenate. They don’t call it ‘Beauty Sleep’ for nothing!
  • Limit sugar: as this causes inflammation and the breakdown of collagen
  • Stay hydrated: this helps to eliminate toxins in the body, which may otherwise dull the skin’s clarity
  • SPF SPF SPF: UV damage is the leading cause of premature ageing of the skin
  • Exercise: helps to increase blood flow which will deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin. It also has a detoxifying effect on the skin so don’t forget to wash off those toxins after a workout!
  • See your trusted skin therapist for a facial: We recommend quarterly: even if your mantra is “Not enough time”!

Here at Amirova, we believe that your skin is the representation of your inner health and we are dedicated to providing you with all the tools necessary for you to achieve the perfect balance within your skin. To ask us for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone us on 02 9071 8511.



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