New Year, New You?

Happy New Year to you.

As we move through the first month of 2020, many of us have already broken more than a few ‘resolutions’ we made just a few short weeks ago.

Although Amirova can’t fix your broken resolutions, we can help you meet all your skin health and beauty goals as our main goal is, and always has been, to help you look and feel your very best.

We continually source the best beauty products and equipment from around the world to create the perfect treatments for our clients, so our treatment options are constantly evolving with the science of skincare.

So let’s celebrate the start of a whole new decade by introducing, or re-reintroducing, you to three of our very best treatments – The Mesotox Facial, The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial and Tribella – to help make at least one of your resolutions come true.


The Mesotox Facial

Looking for a treatment to give you flawless plump radiant skin instantly – without any injections?

The needles, which are even finer than a human hair, infuse the skin with the solutions at a depth of 600mm (the optimal level for maximum results) with minimal discomfort and almost no downtime, to give you a glowing complexion in three main ways:

  • The dermal fillers tighten the skin, gently reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • The anti-wrinkle solutions minimise pore size by limiting the skin’s ability to produce sweat and oil
  • The pigment inhibitors clear away dull and discoloured areas of the skin


The ‘Red Carpet’ Treatment

The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial, the ‘red carpet’ treatment beloved by celebrities, is a 60-minute facial guaranteed to make you ‘Insta-ready’ for any big night out.

The facial features two masks:

  • The Intensive Resurfacing Mask (ingredients include sugarcane extracts, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Vitamin A and B3) which feels hot and tingling
  • The Rejuvenating Masque (ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Green Tea extract, Liquorice Root extract, Grape Seed extract and Rosemary Leaf extract) which feels cool and soothing.

The facial rapidly and safely resurfaces the skin leaving it smooth and bright with little or no downtime.



A 3-In-1 Makeover

Tribella is the ultimate non-surgical rejuvenation treatment as it combines the power of three non-surgical procedures in one 90-minute treatment to reveal smoother, younger, healthier looking skin.

Performed using the Venus Versa, the treatment “enhances skin tone, tightness, and texture” in three steps:

  • Photo-rejuvenation: The IPL photo-rejuvenation applicator treats benign pigmented lesions and benign vascular lesions.
  • Anti-ageing: The DiamondPolar applicator enhances collagen production to reduce skin laxity, erase fine lines, and fade the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Skin resurfacing: The NanoFractional RF applicator improves the appearance of textural skin conditions such as scars, rosacea, enlarged pores and pigmentation.



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