Take a breath. Give yourself a moment. You have been invited into the luxury of Amirova Cosmetic Clinic. Allow us to take it from here.


In an exclusive space with a sophisticated boutique aesthetic, our clinic not only delivers amazing results, but also a feeling of euphoria when you finally step back out into the world.


We offer a vast range of treatments, from individually tailored facials to the latest innovative technology. Your skin will never look, or feel, better.

Amirova Cosmetic Clinic

Let yourself be pampered during a peaceful getaway from the high demands of reality – our clinic is a calm oasis that fully envelopes you, and allows you to unwind while feeling blissfully unaware of the outside world for a few precious moments.

Whether you’re a busy parent, a young professional starting out in your hectic career, or someone who simply desires to feel your best – this is the place for you.

Having limited time is no longer an excuse for missing out on superb treatments. At Amirova, we’re experts in accommodating a jam-packed schedule. Talk to us today about how we can help your beauty shine through.


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