Let us fill you in on Fillers

“Before trying to desperately make our clients look younger, we first try to preserve their natural beauty.” – Sofia Amirova, Clinic Founder

October has finally reared its head. From now on, you’ll be getting that creeping feeling that Christmas is around the corner. Let’s face it – there’s always a last-minute scramble in the lead-up to December festivities.

Before long, you’ll have things to do, presents to buy, work parties to attend – so dedicating some time for yourself might be low on your list of priorities.

Why not think ahead and prepare now? Use this time to bypass all that stress and get your beautiful face looking its best. Turn back the clock as the seasons march forward.

At Amirova Cosmetic Clinic, we believe that embracing unique beauty is the way forward. We understand that bigger is no longer better when it comes to the aesthetic and anti-ageing industry.

Who wants to follow fads and trends that cause us all to look unnatural? We certainly don’t – and we know you don’t either. You needn’t worry any longer. Stop procrastinating, and step into our clinic to address your concerns about the signs of ageing.

Amirova’s approach focuses on correcting issues at an early stage, so we can keep you looking your best for years to come.

Instead of treating areas on their own, we help you identify exactly what you want to achieve. What does your face say about you? Is it telling the story you want it to?

You might want to look less tired, less saggy, less sad, less angry, slimmer, younger, more feminine, or more masculine. Sound familiar? We can help.

Your face carries an array of emotions every day – and your face at rest can convey messages that don’t reflect how you feel on the inside.

Our customised approach gives you the tools to look good on the outside and feel confident on the inside – using our concept of Foundation-Contour-Refinement.

There’s no time like the present to kickstart your transformation. Check out our great October deals:

  • Cheek Contour Filler Package (2ml RRP $1,300 now $1,099)

  • Jaw Contour Filler Package (2ml RRP $1,300 now $1,099)

  • Jaw/Cheek Contour + Lip Package (3ml RRP $1,790 now $1,399)

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment (20 units RRP $250 now $200)

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