Dermal fillers are the perfect treatment if you want to plump deep lines and wrinkles and/or want your face to look fuller, more youthful look.


How does it work?
Fillers can be used to fill out the area between the skin and muscle to hold up skin that has become indented and/or sagged.

Apart from instantly improving the skin’s appearance, the fillers rejuvenate these areas in the longer term as they break down old collagen and elastin fibres and help create new ones.

What are the common areas to treat?

Dermal fillers are however best known for adding volume to the skin in the cheeks, under the eyes, around the eyes, in the forehead, between the eyebrows, in neck bands, in the lips, and on the hands. 

Is it painful?
At Amirova all dermal filler treatments are ‘comfortable’ as the fillers contain anaesthetic, and we apply ice and topical anaesthetic to the treatment area before starting. 


What is the downtime?

You will see the results of your treatment immediately but results will continue to improve for up to a fortnight as the filler continues to absorb moisture for 10-14 days.

The main side effect that you are likely to experience is bruising which normally disappears in 7-10 days but can be sped up with the application of a bruise treatment cream. 


How long do the results last?

Dermal fillers results last between 6-18 months, depending on the type of filler used and the region in which it has been injected.