The B-Peel (Beauty peel) is a gentle, regenerative treatment with no downtime or visible peeling. This one day procedure is a natural kick-starter to activate the skin’s metabolism.


The herbs are encapsulated in an Aloe Vera, ginseng and red algae extract and massaged into the skin by using a lymphatic technique. The pressure and speed is adjusted depending on your skin type and condition that is being treated. Our skin therapist can adjust the treatment each time depending on what is necessary for your skin needs.

The B-Peel treats the skin on a cellular level. It is suitable for all skin conditions, even the most sensitive as it does not create inflammation in the tissue. It is an ideal solution for sun damaged, sluggish, congested, dull, and tired skin, especially post festive season! This treatment will give you back that flawless complexion and help you love the skin you are in!

We recommend 6 treatments- ideally treated 2 weeks apart to get optimum results. Thereafter 6-10 weeks apart for maintenance.

The B-Peel has a combination of 17 green herbs with a natural composition that is completely free from chemical substances, synthetic binders, and abrasives without any toxic side effects. This natural blend contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones, mineral salts, tannins, and trace elements.

Don’t forget that the skin is one of the biggest organs in our body, it is the first protective layer against all the nasty radicals and it is important to keep on top of it!