Amirova’s IWD gift to you…

Amirova is offering all clients who book a Mesotox Cocktail Treatment this month a complimentary 30 minute light therapy treatment, valued at $110.

Made in the US, The Mesotox Cocktail Treatment is a revolutionary device that delivers a ‘cocktail’ of dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and skin boosters directly to your skin via microchannels.

The needles, which are even finer than a human hair, infuse the skin with the solutions at a depth of 600mm (the optimal level for maximum results) with minimal discomfort and almost no downtime, to give you a glowing complexion in three ways:

  • The dermal fillers tighten the skin, gently reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • The anti-wrinkle solutions minimise pore size by limiting the skin’s ability to create sweat and oil
  • The pigment inhibitors clear away the appearance of dull or discoloured areas of the skin

The LightStim LED Light Therapy treatment is a gentle skin rejuvenation treatment that uses pure light (red, infrared, amber and blue) to help the skin heal itself.

Totally pain-free, a Light Therapy session is the perfect way to rest and recover completely after The Mesotox Cocktail Treatment (or any other treatment).