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Active Acne AC dual : Venus Versa Acne Treatment

How many of you have had to battle with those annoying breakouts at some point in life?

It’s difficult enough adjusting to physical and emotional changes associated with puberty and the subsequent transition to adulthood, without also feeling self-conscious about troublesome skin!

Acne can be incredibly embarrassing for young people – and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s just a few spots or a face full of red, angry pimples. The fact is that young people are sensitive about their appearance, especially as they start to experiment with relationships and enter the workforce for the first time. And there is evidence from numerous studies around the world that acne makes a significant contribution to how young generation feel and cope at this time in their lives.

Acne has been shown to reduce young people’s quality of life, self-esteem and mood. It has been associated with both anxiety and depression, and worryingly, with suicidal thoughts. Concerning signs of emotional distress may include less interaction with their peers or avoidance of social situations.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Acne is a medical condition and it is important to go to a reputable clinic, where medical/dermal professionals in the industry can customise and individually alter your treatment program according to your skin concern.

There are many effective treatments for acne starting with an appropriate home skin care program and finishing with medical grade laser treatments that target the causes of acne including excessive oil production, blocked pores or skin bacteria.

Amirova Cosmetic Clinic advises those beginning to suffer from acne to commence a daily skin care regimen which can be custom made for them at the clinic during their initial skin consultation. If you ignore the early signs of acne and leave it untreated, moderate to severe acne can leave both physical and psychological scars.

At Amirova Cosmetic Clinic we specialize in different types of acne and take this medical condition seriously.

One of our popular acne treatments is Venus Versa AC Dual.

Venus Versa AC Dual has been designed for the treatment of Acne. It uses Intense Pulsed Light with Smart Pulse technology to treat both the underlying cause and the visible symptoms of acne. It uses a combination of blue and red light delivered simultaneously- the blue light destroys acne causing bacteria, while the red light reduces existing acne-related inflammation to promote faster healing.

It also:

  • Reduces bacteria that leads to breakouts
  • Diminishes inflammation in treatment area
  • Promotes healing
  • Delivers a noticeably clearer complexion
  • Is effective for treatment of active acne on both face and body.


PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: Virtual Skin Tint Powder

Amirova Virtual Skin Tint

The Virtual Skin Tint Powder is perfect for all ages and skin types. The tinted Crystalline prisms reflect and diffuse light off the skin, creating a flawless complexion. It also Diffracts the damaging assault of UVA & UVB light rays, helping to maintain the ultimate skin armour.

The physical elements of Zinc & Titanium provide unlimited environmental protection by constructing a tightly knitted mesh on the skin purporting an anti-inflammatory impact. Preserving youthful look & function.

The powders have been colour customized to adapt to a wide range of skin shades that represent in Australia.
Oil free Non comedogenic coverage that instantly refracts light to illuminate, hiding erythema flaws and blemishes.
Semi water resistant properties
Oily skins can use powder alone to sustain a long-standing matte effect.

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