My name is Sofia.


Sofia Amirova. It is my family name that you see across this website and above my Waterloo clinic. I named my business in this way to honour my dad, who promised me that a young woman can turn her ideas and passion into a vibrant reality – if she works hard.


For me, this clinic is not just a run-of-the-mill beauty centre. It’s no longer acceptable for clinics to merely treat topical concerns, but rather the overall health of the skin – from the cellular level to the dermal level.

Amirova Cosmetic Clinic


We are proud to say that we are highly selective about the skincare products we use in our clinic – and recommend to our clients for their at-home use.


We only choose the ‘best of the best’ that we know and trust will safely deliver the results they promise – and you need.

The Amirova Cosmetic Clinic medical-grade skincare range is our pride and joy – specially created to help you re-discover your skin’s natural beauty.


Developed right here in Australia, the range is designed to treat inflammatory skin conditions that are chronic in this sunburnt country with biomimetic formulae that work with, not against, your skin to restore its optimal health.


This approach gives your skin the best possible chance to heal skin conditions without any aggressive ingredients or treatments.


In essence, by working with your skin, rather than against it, we help it return to its powerful natural state so that it can thrive, and you can glow with a flawless complexion.


Loved by celebrities for its ‘Red Carpet Facial’, iS Clinical is also internationally renowned for its clinically-validated skincare range that delivers dramatically visible results.

Created by a world-class team of pharmacologists, geneticists, biologists and physicians, the iS Clinical (Innovative Skincare Clinical) range is based on the latest skincare technology and the highest-grade ingredients available including Extremonzymes (a proprietary combination of enzymes clinically proven to help protect skin from environmental aggressors).


This highly effective skincare range effectively delivers the results that you want with products and treatments that feel like a luxurious indulgence.

Once upon a time, I graduated with degrees in Nursing and Orthopaedics – that may not have been the career path I ended up taking, but my scientific background has given me invaluable insight into the importance of health and beauty.

Because of my medical experience, I’m equipped to make good decisions for my clients about what products to stock, how to deliver treatments, and how to explain the finer details to my customers.

I chose to open Amirova Cosmetic Clinic in this premises because I had an intuitive feeling that incredible potential lay within. I decided to let this feeling grow – I trusted my instincts. Not too long after, I found myself opening the doors of this beautiful clinic.

Through my tried and tested approach to beauty, my business has a two-fold objective. We deliver amazing results, and we provide our clients with a feeling of genuine connection with our staff. Transparency around our product choices and treatments plays a major role in achieving these goals.

Deciding on the best way to treat my customers is a heavy responsibility. In order to choose the right path, I believe a clinic must be built on a strong foundation of integrity and expertise.

Luckily for you, my beautiful future client, my integrity-driven, expert staff at Amirova Cosmetic Clinic will welcome you inside with a smile you can trust.


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