Amirova’s Top 4 Skin Survival Tips for Summer

“Summer bachelor’s, like summer breezes, are never as cool as they pretend to be”

– Nora Ephron


Remember to hydrate the delicate skin on and around the lip contour.

The skin on the lip contour has few oil glands and no melanin to naturally filter out ultraviolet light. The sun causes the skin to prematurely age by denaturing our hyaluronic acid.

We suggest using a lip balm daily with zinc oxide to prevent ultraviolet light from damaging our natural hyaluronic acid. A combination of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil or olive oil, konja root extract, and allantoin can diminish appearance of lines. While daily moisturising and protection is important, exfoliating this area is of equal importance. We suggest doing this 2 times per week and suggest that you make your own organic scrub using brown sugar, coconut oil and organic honey.

Brown sugar- Gentle exfoliator natural AHA x2 tablespoons
Organic Honey- Antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal with natural healing properties (propolis and royal jelly) x1 tablespoon
Organic Coconut Oil- Nourishing and moisturizing contains fatty acids and antioxidants x 1 tablespoon.

This should be enough to last 2 weeks refrigerate but use within 2 weeks. Allow product a few minutes after taking out of refrigerator to soften. Apply generously to lip area massage using circular motions and allow to sit on skin for 2 minutes. Wipe off with and apply your lip balm to boost hydration. To take your lips to the next level we suggest some dermal filler which will increase your hyaluronic levels giving your lips more volume and even out symmetry.




Don’t skip breakfast.

Eating nutritious foods allows you to smash your goals throughout the longer days. Swap saturated fats for unsaturated fats, antioxidants and minerals.

We recommend that you start your day with a smoothie. Greasy foods and processed foods can put your body under a lot of stress due to the body’s struggle to digest these properly. This can result in a tired, dull congested complexion and body. When you fuel your body with unsaturated fats and antioxidants I.e avocado, almond milk, hemp seeds, blueberries, bananas etc you are giving your body the best possible chance of growth and recovery. This in turn will be reflected on your skin. We recommend adding pre and probiotics to your smoothie as this will enhance the digestive health of your gut and intestinal function.

don't skip breakfast



Dry body brushing in the morning is an extremely effective method to boost your circulation and lymphatic system.

Prior to your morning shower and workout routine, dry body brushing can have a lot of health benefits for the skin and body.

For normal to thicker skins choose a cactus bristle brush and for more delicate skin choose a loofah. You should start from the bottom and work up in other words start at your feet working upward towards the heart. Use small circular motions keep it quick do not over treat 5-7 minutes is adequate time. This process can be done a few times per week. It will diminish appearance of cellulite and improves texture and tone of skin by removing dead skin cells and toxins. This would be ideally recommended for anyone who is having a course of RF skin tightening, fat reduction and body contouring treatments. It naturally helps to promote the elimination of the apoptosis of the fat cells. Finish with a light application of Fab oil which is full of natural essential fatty acids to nourish the skin.




Wear sunscreen! There is a major point of difference on how sunscreens work. Be aware of the ingredients in your choice of sunscreen and choose a sunscreen that is mineral/physical rather than chemical based. Minerals reflect the ultraviolet light while chemicals allow the absorption of some of this light. Sunscreen is vital to maintain a healthy skin. It is a big component in anti aging and should be a life long habit in your daily skin care routine.

wear sunscreen

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